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Me. A great guest.

And a microphone.


10,466 times someone pressed play.


Thank you!

Who’s Across the Desk?

Across the Desk is fortunate to welcome interesting guests who speak about business in the arts, community involvement, agile coaching, business development and healthcare. Is there more? Absolutely!


Sometimes local guests …


Sometimes a little further away …

Here’s the thing: I can’t remember why I started podcasting.

Well, not really. But if I think about it a little more, it’s because of this guy. This fellow that I met through a previous life as an employee. This rabblerouser. This maverick. This kind guy who chatted with this nervous entrepreneur and helped me get over my hive inducing nerves for a variety of things.

This guy is James Burchill and he’s been my friend and colleague for close to 5 years. I bought a media kit from James when he was downsizing to take a trip of a lifetime. Included in that kit was an iRig, fancy pants, real microphone. I kept wondering how to use it and then somehow stumbled upon the idea to create a podcast that featured people just like James. Successful business owners who truly try to help their clients and community be a better place. I figured that this could be my way of giving back and shining a bit more light on these rock stars of Halton.

So here in its entirety is the very first, Across the Desk podcast. The rest is history …