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Are you wondering if events are still a “thing”?

We asked the same question.

Turns out they are.

Hubspot provided some nifty info that, for a digital company, was surprising.


The close rate for in-person meetings.


Percentage of people whose impressions are impacted by a handshake


Jobs filled through networking


Believe face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships

Learning Breakfast

A Learning Breakfast is a 30 – 60 minute conversation with helpful information for potential clients.

Better yet? Partner with other professionals in your industry to double or triple your audience and build even more relationships!

Does lunch work better for you? This is just as easy to do over sandwiches as it is bagels.

Seminars and Workshops

These types of events are a low cost, high impact opportunity to get out in the community and build relationships with existing and potential clients.

Is there a difference between a seminar and workshop? Yes. Should you know the difference? Not really. But we do.

Conferences and Tradeshows

Conferences are a lot of work but very worthwhile if done right.

Conferences can:

  • reach larger audiences than smaller events

  • bring together multiple speakers to share the load

  • provide huge value for attendees

  • create opportunity to add interesting side workshops

Tradeshows are a fantastic way to broaden your exposure, enlarge your network and connect with industry experts.

It’s in the Details

For bigger shows, MCV Communications can handle details such as:

  • marketing materials such as pop up banners, one pagers, media kits and swag

  • organizing the teams’ travel and accommodations

  • ​finding the right events and tradeshows for your business

  • attendance promotion and strategic positioning

  • ​staying on budget

  • ​connecting during the show with industry leaders and clients

What have we done?

Great question!

Everything from gala’s to tradeshows.

Networking events to seminars.