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Are you ready for it to be your turn? Or will You make it Your turn?

I have to be honest – this isn’t my best podcast for WWW. Further honesty – I had too many homemade Blondies (Think a brownie but without the chocolate. I’m allergic to chocolate. Yes, you read that right.) There’s a connection to the book here but you’ll have to read the book to put it together.

Kirstine Stewart is the current Chief Strategy Officer for Diply. Before that she worked for Twitter, was the head of the CBC and brought us reno and decorating gurus Mike Holmes and Sarah Richardson. Her resume is awesome but not as awesome as how much she will share from her personal and professional experience to help other women become great leaders.

I’ve tried read a few female leadership based books (Sheryl Sandberg, Arlene Dickinson) and they were awful. I know if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything so I’ll stop there.

It was refreshing and revitalizing to read from an accomplished, successful female leader who didn’t hold her personal life up as the hardship story that begat her success. Kirstine Stewart focuses on the innate leadership skills and abilities that all women can tap in to as the chief building block for her success. It’s that relateability that allows us to see more potential in ourselves and realize that a kick ass pair of heels might not be the reason we reach the top faster, but it can’t hurt.