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Last night, I was fortunate to lead a goal setting workshop for the Autism Job Club. Goal setting can be hard for anyone but when you add #autism to the equation, the challenge kicks up a notch.

If I do say so myself – it was #amazeballs! I’ll take some points for how it unfolded but it was the fantastic members who were the rock stars 🙂 After getting ideas for #goals from the group, we chose the goal of being more #social. Something I struggle with as well (probably a shock to anyone who knows me). I took them through the steps of where do I start, what steps do I need and what action can I take.

We discussed how important it is to put #support in place by asking for help. How setting a time limit for each step and a deadline is crucial. And how rewarding yourself at the end is a nice way to keep the goal setting and achieving cycle rolling. I used my @glamjulz treat as an example 🙂 Helping people succeed doesn’t have to be a one hour workshop. It can be a simple text to check in. It can be offering support through sharing resources. It can be making a connection. 10 minutes of your time that could impact someone for a lifetime.

How are you going to help someone #succeed today????