Here’s a question worth asking:

Why don’t more businesses communicate effectively online?

Turns out the answer was quite simple: file folders.

I’ve spoken to so many business owners, researched online, asked fellow entrepreneurs.

You’d think I was searching for the Holy Grail – and not the Monty Python version.

  • Lack of organization

  • knowing where to start and

  • fear of doing it “wrong”

were some of the many reasons given for not communicating about their business online more. Or at all. Yikes.

Saving you time and money is our job.

We know all about businesses trying to do as much as possible themselves. But is it really worth your time and budget when communications isn’t your specialty? Instead of spending time trying to write a blog, learning how to create a content calendar or mastering the art of the tweet, let us show you how.

We’ll save you time, money (never mind frustration and potentially costly mistakes) and get you back to your business faster!


  • You learn the skills you need to capitalize on “in the moment” communications

  • We get you organized right from the start

  • Need your communications tidied up? We’ll make it quick and easy.

  • Less time spent stressing over communications and lost opportunities

Teaching businesses the skills needed to be successful.

We’ll work with you to teach you, or your staff, whatever you want to know about:

  • communications

  • social media

  • content curation

  • writing for different audiences

  • web copy and more

Through our strategy session, we’ll identify the most affordable, effective and manageable tools for you to use. After that? We’ll provide support until  you are tweeting, posting and getting followed like a pro!



  • There are always tips and tricks to shorten the learning curve

  • We meet you where you are and don’t overwhelm you with cookie cutter programs

  • Once you have the tools, they’re yours to keep and use

Getting organized doesn’t have to be hard.

Sometimes you’re just not sure how to get started, what you’ve got already and what you can do with it.  So let’s strategize.

  • we use techniques like mind mapping, white boarding and just old fashioned conversation to get the ideas going

  • we’ll evaluate the content you might already have and what could be turned in to content

  • we’ll work with you to to put together a strategy that works for you

And those file folders we mentioned? We’ll introduce you to some tools that will make organizing a snap!


  • Putting a process in place prevents you from losing files, images and marketing materials

  • Having things reproduced because the original file can’t be found is costly. Why should you pay twice?

  • Sometimes the best content is sitting in front of you. We help you figure that out and save money.

  • Having your files set up to maximize collaboration is key to saving time and money.

We can join your team

Communications is so creative heavy that everybody needs help over a roadblock now and again. Or if you’ve set up a team for your business but the comms chair is still empty, maybe you need someone to take the helm for a bit.

We can work with you on short or long-term contracts to make sure all your hard work is getting the attention it deserves!


  • Some projects only need extra staff for the life of the project.

  • Overburdening existing staff can interfere with existing deadlines and office morale.

  • Short term contracts allow you to try us out, see if we fit and complete your project.

Why the weird stats? Here’s why:


The 2015 CIRA Internet Factbook reported that Canadian small businesses were still lagging in their adoption of Internet technology and that over 40 percent of Canadian small businesses still did not have a website.

CIRA’s Internet tracking research has found that there could be serious business implications to this lack of a digital presence.

It’s time to communicate better for your business.